Faith Formation

As a Catholic parish and school, we sincerely hope that every family is serious about the spiritual life of each of its members. We wish to help families grow in their relationship to Christ and His church. Thus, we encourage every family to try to grow beyond what is merely mandated as most basic. When families make a sincere, determined and consistent effort to love Christ and to seize the many opportunities available for personal and community prayer, Scripture reading, conferences and discussions, retreats, spiritual reading, classes, etc. they will ground themselves in what is needed to persevere as a family on their journey through time toward eternal life.

Masses/Liturgies During School

The students celebrate Mass together once a week. Each class takes a turn hosting and preparing the liturgy. Students may invite and encourage their parents to join us. Other prayer services and devotions are also celebrated, such as the Stations of the Cross and the May and October Rosaries.


It is the responsibility of the students and parents to receive the Sacrament of Penance regularlySpecial Penance services for the students in the school are celebrated as often as the opportunity is available. However, a family serious about its members' spiritual development will go regularly (considered to be once a month) outside of school.