St. Theresa Catholic School is accredited by the Florida Catholic Conference. As part of that accreditation, our curriculum is designed based on the beliefs and missions of the Church, as well as meeting and/or exceeding the standards placed by The Florida Catholic Conference Accreditation Committee (FCCAC).

As a Catholic school, we find true justification in the mission of the Church, as it is based on an educational philosophy in which faith, culture and life are brought into harmony. Our school provides our students with the fullest and best opportunities to realize the fourfold purpose of Catholic education: message, community, worship and service. The full development of each student is facilitated by a comprehensive educational program that includes a balance of appropriate and authentic school and real life experiences; recognition of individual talents and differences; the acquisition of essential skills, concepts, and knowledge; and the developmental assessment of each student’s progress.

As validated by the FCCAC, our curriculum meets the following standards:

  • Instruction in Catholic truths and moral values that are an integral part of the school program.
  • Place emphasis on the systematic development of skills and concepts as a basis for understanding in each academic discipline.
  • Integrated curriculum that reflects an interrelatedness of all areas of learning and a balance of factual and conceptual knowledge with developing skills and thought processes.
  • Based on appropriate theory and practice in learning and human development and offer clearly defined expectations for student learning.
  • Scheduling practices based on the developmental stage of the students.
  • Diverse cultural, artistic, creative, and spiritual experiences that enhance the students’ perspective.
  • Provide programs that address the physical, social, and emotional needs of the students.
  • Provide a variety of educational strategies and materials which, while adaptable to the students’ learning styles and ability, also capitalize on the students’ spontaneity and intellectual excitement.