The leadership team at St. Theresa Catholic School is charged with the responsibility of integration and coordination of all factors that contribute to the defined purpose of the school program including instruction, organization, administration, and finance that are essential to the achievement of quality education.

Our school principal, Sister Caridad, OCD, is a member of the Carmelite Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart of Los Angeles.  The gift of religious vocation is a source of strength to carry out the school’s mission.  While meeting and exceeding the academic requirements of the archdiocese, the association with Carmelite Sisters helps foster an environment of respect, love for those in need and appreciation for God’s creation.

St. Theresa Catholic School has two vice principals to ensure that the appropriate focus is given to every grade level's specific nuances.  We are proud to have Nancy Capper managing our Prekindergarten through Fourth Grade programs, and Gloria Marti overseeing the higher grade levels, from Fifth through Eighth Grades.