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Virtue of the Month


Helpfulness means providing useful assistance without expecting anything in return. Helping is a way of service to others. Offer your help when you can without being asked. Ask for help when you need it. When we help one another, we get more things done!

Helpfulness is to:

  • Assist
  • Aid
  • Relieve
  • Support
  • Serve
  • Facilitate

Some ways we can be helpful:

  • Hold the door open for others
  • Help someone feel good by smiling at them
  • Help the earth by recycling
  • Giving someone a true compliment
  • Do a chore or task without being asked
  • Reading a book to someone younger
  • Cleaning up after yourself
  • Listen to someone who may seem sad
  • Standing up for others or telling an adult if you see someone getting treated unfairly
  • Encouraging someone to do their best
  • Donatingto charity clothes or toys we donít use anymore

Think of other ways you can help at school, at home, and in our community.


  • Lead by example by showing students how to be helpful to others.
  • Explain to them that helpfulness can come in many different ways. Discuss ways of being helpful at home, in school, with their peers and family, and how that can come back to them when they are the ones who need help.
  • You may also read stories to your students and discuss how the characters are being helpful or not and why.
  • Praise or reward students when they demonstrate helpful characteristics.
  • Discuss with your students how it feels to be helpful and how it feels when someone helps them.