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Virtue of the Month

Integrity refers to the quality of being honest, adhering to strong principles and values. Integrity is the most important life skill†because it is composed of many other powerful virtues like patience, honesty, responsibility, dependability, accountability, and caring, to name a few. Integrity means doing the right thing even when no one is watching.

How can we show integrity every day?

  • Stick to your values and always make good choices
  • Always follow the rules even if others are not directly looking at you
  • Show respect for peopleís opinion even if you donít agree
  • Always use nice words when talking to others
  • Remind friends of the rules in a nice way
  • Share with others without being asked
  • Help without expecting anything in return
  • Treat everyone with kindness
  • Follow through with your commitments
  • Always say the truth
  • Follow the Commandments and do what is morally correct or Christ-like
  • Ask yourself: What would Jesus do?

In class:

  • Look for readings in the bible and discuss how Jesus is the perfect example of integrity
  • In your journal write about the ways people in your life or characters of a book you are reading demonstrate integrity
  • Discuss in class a time when you had the courage to show integrity, especially when it was not easy or popular.
  • Watch and discuss: The Empty Pot:(YouTube)