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Virtue of the Month

KINDNESS is the quality of being friendly, generous, compassionate, and considerate. Kindness includes everyone. Kindness is one of the most powerful interpersonal tools that we, as human beings, use to connect with one another. When we sense someone’s need, we choose to help in some way!


  • Treat people with kindness and generosity
  • Help people in need
  • Be sensitive to people's feelings
  • Never be mean or say hurtful things
  • Think about how your actions will affect others
  • Kindness builds good relationships
  • Serving the community feels good and helps other people
  • Kind people are compassionate and show they care
  • Kind people show gratitude
  • Kind people forgive

Jesus exemplifies His kindness and compassion in:

  • Healing the sick (Luke 14:1-6, or Matthew 8:5-13 or Mark 3:1-6).
  • Speaking compassionately to the Samaritan woman who was looked down upon by many (Luke 10:29-37).
  • Instructing his disciples to allow the little children to come onto Him (Mark 10:13-16).

In the classroom:

  • Watch a movie or read a book together and discuss ways the characters acted kindly or not, towards one another.
  • Display in your classroom the acts of kindness they experience throughout the month.
  • Talk with your students about the importance of doing kind things for other people. Remind them that they have the power to brighten someone’s day through a simple act of kindness.
  • Remember that you are a powerful role model. If you are kind and helpful to other people, that is what your students will learn from you!
  • Catch someone being kind and generous and praise him or her.