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St. Theresa Catholic School

Fully accredited by the Florida Catholic Conference, established in 1925

Please refer to the notice that was sent out in December and January Newsletters. Parents who chose 100% virtual will remain virtual for the 3rd quarter and those who chose 100% on campus will remain on campus. There have been requests for remaining in the Hybrid model (Green and Gold Cohorts), which the school has honored due to keeping the numbers low in the classrooms for safety protocols. We pray that the Covid cases don't spike which would delay this opening, so please keep the proper protocols in and out of school.

As we get closer to January 19th in which parents who chose how they wish their children to learn at STS, we wanted to send out some preliminary guidelines to help the transition become smoother.

  • Those who chose virtual will remain virtual for the 3rd quarter. This is due to the fact that we may not be able to add any more numbers physically to each classroom due to safety protocols. We will reassess towards the end of the 3rd quarter or if Covid spikes.
  • Those who chose to be 100% on campus (or hybrid) can go virtual if they feel they need to. (this will help physical numbers stay low in the physical classrooms).
  • Students who are 100% on campus (or hybrid) and are either in Covid quarantine, Covid exposed, or have chosen to go 100% virtual, can virtually log in to their homeroom class and are considered present (or if there's an extraordinary excuse that has been cleared by the Administration)
    • Students who are 100% on campus who are home sick, are considered absent and will not be able log in. If they are able to work, then discuss this with the teacher to determine if he/she can access online. Please keep in mind, if a child is seriously ill, he/she should be resting and not accessing studies.
    • Families who are on campus decide they want their child(ren) to do virtual for any other reason than what is listed above or are on an extended vacation may NOT log in virtually and is considered an absence.
  • These protocols are subject to change on case by case circumstances. However, our priority is to keep class sizes as reasonably low as possible due to safety protocols.
  • The school will still use Pick My Kid for dismissal.
  • No After Care or after school activities will take place until further notice from the Archdiocese.