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St. Theresa Catholic School

Fully accredited by the Florida Catholic Conference, established in 1925

St. Theresa Catholic School St. Theresa Catholic School St. Theresa Catholic School St. Theresa Catholic School

Pastor's Message

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Welcome to St. Theresa Catholic School! Since 1925, this magnificent school has been providing a strong Catholic education to her children and preparing them to not only...

Principal's Corner

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Praised be Jesus Christ! Our beloved St. Theresa Catholic School exists as an integral part of Little Flower Parish...


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St. Theresa Catholic School is fully accredited by the Florida Catholic Conference and recognized by the National Council for Private School Accreditation.

Fundraising Events

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Each year, there are five major fundraising events that have a specific focus: Each event is chaired by parents and a dedicated committee striving to raise money for the maintenance and growth of the School

Shower of Roses

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To make your gift of prayer, service and financial support, CLICK HERE.


  • Please see the October Calendar for a complete listing of activities.
  • October 9th: Floating Holiday #1: No School
  • October 12th: ADOM Professional Development Day: No School for Students

During the month of October (except Thursdays), our pink ties and bows (for girls) may be worn with uniform pants and shoes. Pink STS t-shirts may be worn on dress down days.

  • Each student must wear an appropriate (without political messages, no gaiters/buffs) face mask. Shields are permitted, but the student must ALSO wear a face mask.
  • Please DO NOT bring cell phones to school. No one will not be able to leave them in the office and pick them up during dismissal.
  • Students should bring with them their own personal hand sanitizer and wipes in their bookbags.
  • The students should have a supplies pouch to keep in their desks. This pencil pouch will not be going home. It will stay in the student's desk to be used on campus only.
    • Pencils, erasers, pens, highlighters, white out tape, and anything requested from their Art teacher should be in these pouches.
  • Students must bring their fully charged iPad to school every day along with their chargers, and any other secondary charging devices.
  • No photography or recording of Zoom / virtual lessons is permitted on any school or personal device.
  • Textbooks and workbooks (except for 8th grade Social Studies) are to remain home for virtual classes. Only iPads will be used for on campus classes.
  • Bookbags and lunch boxes are permitted.
  • The cafeteria will open some time towards the end of the quarter. Please send lunch with your child until the cafeteria opens. The school will notify all families as to when the cafeteria will open.
  • Reminder of our uniform policies
    • Girls- skirt length must meet the knee as measured at the bend of the back of the leg. Nail polish, hair color altering (Sun In, highlights, dying), and make up are not permitted.
    • Boys- Hair must be in a simple style. Hair color altering (Sun In, dying, etc) is not permitted. Haircuts cannot be shorter than #2. Scalp is not to be visible. Hair is to be kept off the ears, the neck, and out of the face. Socks cannot have any logos on them. Belts must be worn daily.
  • Long sleeve shirts must be worn on Fridays or whenever we attend Mass. (for 7th and 8th grade only)
  • Please follow Administration directives for PikMyKid App for afternoon pickup and Student Health Questionnaire on the Concierge app, which must be filled out before arrival to school.


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